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Furry OCs
Yeah I'm taking that step and going a bit further with my OCs outside of MLP.
So without further ado heres two of my furry OCs.
Name : Paulina
Nicknames : Bird Brain, Paulie, Pauline, Shorty, and Paul (That last one she absolutely hates)
Species : Paulina is a Blue Jay
Personality : Paulina is a bubbly, clumsy, and happy bird, who loves to have fun, but she has a hard time taking jokes that others play on her. Even when she messes things up she tries to find the best of a bad situation. She also doesn't realize when to take a hint at all so that gets her into trouble and earned her, her first nickname. Also she hates being called short or flatchested. She absolutely hates wedgies, and spankings, but she has a problem when it comes to wetting herself when she sleeps. She loves crowds and wears tank tops, shorts, skirts and usually wears childish panties because she loves them even if they may be a little smaller than she wanted.
Height (ig) : 4'8" She's a short little birb
Colors (?) :
:icondrderpinstines:DrDerpinstines 2 7
Belt Slasher In: A Vacation to Remember
Early one morning Belt Slasher was walking around her house after waking up. She was wearing a black bat-mare t-shirt and a pair of grey sweatpants that were slightly sagging showing off a white waistband. When she heard a knock on the door, "Hold on I'm coming." She said walking over to it hearing another more urgent knock. "Alright jeez what is it?" Belt asked as Vanilla was standing there on Belts doorstep "I have two tickets for a island retreat!" Vanilla yelled smiling as Belt took a step back from the sudden noise raise.
Belt taken aback by this only could get her bearings by freezing Vanilla in her magic for a second (Not literally freezing as in ice but just in mid-air) "Okay say that slower and what?" Belt asked her setting her down. "I won two tickets for an island retreat and I was wonderimg if you'd like to come?" Vanilla asked smiling awaiting her answer.
Belt thought about it for a moment before saying "Yeah, I'll go." She said making Vanilla jump with joy "Awesome! We le
:icondrderpinstines:DrDerpinstines 11 14
Another OC tagged thing
1. Copy and paste the rules into your post, as well as the ten questions provided for you.
2. Choose the OC or OCs who will answer these questions. You can have as many OCs answer as you want.
3. Write their answers in-character, based on canon (as opposed to RPs you've done, unless those RPs are canon). You can also, as yourself, answer some or all of the questions alongside them if you choose to do so.
4. Write ten new questions.
5. Tag people below! You can just say "Do this if you want to" rather than tagging, but it's more fun to tag. No minimum or maximum number of tag recipients, and you can't choose the OCs a person uses.
For OCs, I'll use Vanilla Twist, Freeze Gears, and Icicle Cloak
1. Do you have any nicknames, embarrassing or otherwise?
Vanilla: The only nicknames I have are Test Subject from random ponies, Idiot from Pandora, and when I was younger I was called lots of names and the one that stuck was Bug Brain. I'm not even a bug!
Freeze: Never paid any at
:icondrderpinstines:DrDerpinstines 0 6
Thing I Should Do.
1st. Write the rules!
2nd. Write 13 facts about yourself 
3rd. Answer 13 questions the person who tagged you made, and make 13 questions
4th. Tag 13 people  (Only 13!!)
5th. Make sure they know they're tagged
6th. Don't say 'Your tagged of you read this'
7th. It is forbidden to not tag anyone
8th. Tagbacks are allowed
9th. ERROR
1. Favorite video game?
Overwatch. Hands down. But a top five is necessary for this!
2 Fallout New Vegas awesome game lots of attention to detail and I love it
3 TF2 old game but really awesome!
4 Fallout 4 just because of mods.
5 Recore, it's new and I haven't played much of it but it seems like a really good game
2. Favorite song?
Master of Puppets by Metalica, why do these questions beg for a top five to ten list?
3. Ever had a crush on a fictional character?
Yes. I have a top five waifu list. On top is still Ryuko Matoi from Kill La Kill
4. Do you prefer anime or cartoons?
Anime. Cartoons are way to idiotic. Look at the new Teen Titans, PPG, and a
:icondrderpinstines:DrDerpinstines 1 12
New OC Icicle Cloak
Name - Icicle Cloak
Nicknames - Icy
Gender - Mare
Species - Half Dragon, Half Pony, Pegasus
Special Powers - She can breath fire that can freeze whatever it touches or unfreeze it if she already froze it, also she can use shadows to get away from or hide from ponies
Cutie Mark - An overcast shadow surrounded by a  of ice
Color Scheme - Head Scales/ Mane and Tail : Bright Purple, Coat/ Torso Scales : Black
Clothing - A blouse and a pair of shorts
She is a normally outgoing and bubbly, she loves places or things that are cold, she can be nosey and look into things where she doesn't belong
:icondrderpinstines:DrDerpinstines 0 8
Pandora's Humiliation
"Come on Pandora you know your end of the bet if I won." Vanilla said giggling with Rainbow lightly blushing behind her
Pandora groaned "Fine Vanilla." She sighed taking off her shirt and pants exposing underwear only meant for an occasion like this.
They were white granny panties with berries on them with a red and yellow waistband, with 'Have a BERRY nice day' (Ah, puns gotta love them!) And a normal white bra to keep it simple. Pandora then walked outside to the busiest hour in Ponyville so she was greeted with laughter from the townsponies
Vanilla stepped out "Come one come all! The Queen of Hell herself is openly adhering to wedgies, and spankings! She will take anything you throw at her and she won't raise a hoof!" She shouted gathering a crowd that turned into a laughing line.
The first pony was Twilight Sparkle who smiled at the sight of Pandora as they weren't on the best terms lately. Twilight using her magic to wedgie Pandora making her moan loudly as she was lifted into the
:icondrderpinstines:DrDerpinstines 6 6
Tagged Thing 355 (I don't know!)
I was tagged by this guy right here :iconcallmeflame:
Answer 10 questions
Make up 10 questions
Tag as many people as you want
Tag back allowed
1: If you could meet any fictional character who would it be?
Papyrus or Sans from Undertale... Or Rick Crimes from the Walking Dead "Carol!"
2: What's your favorite season of MLP?
Probably 6 or 5
3: Do you consider yourself a furry?
Maybe... Little bit... or no
4: If so what furry persona do you have if not which would you have if you were one?
Probably a Harpy or a Cat
5: Do you like Cosplay?
I guess just a little bit
6: Have you ever Cosplayed?
7: ?yas noitseuq ylirassecennu yleritne yletelpmoc yllatot siht seod tahw
What does this totally completely entirely unnecessarily question say.
8: how long did number 7 take you?
Probably 1:35
9: Do you play magic the gathering?
No. Don't know what it is
10: Do you like when these end with a long and stupid question for the final question?
Well I like these and long stupid qu
:icondrderpinstines:DrDerpinstines 0 0
April Foal's Day!
One afternoon in Carousel Boutique, Rarity was planning her prank on Rainbow Dash. A Voodoo doll with help from Zecora and Twilight along with Rarity's expertise in sewing she made a doll of Dash and had it enchanted from the two others who helped her. She had just finished getting redressed and bathed from the mud that was dropped on to her by Pinkie who shouted "April Foals Rarity!" Before hopping off happily. It was a day Rarity often forgot but today was the day to get Rainbow Dash back for the pranks she had done to her for the past week.
Rarity walked out into town to find a table to sit and wait for Dash to show up. They hadn't set anything up it was just timing for Rarity's sake that would set this right. So when Rarity found a table with a table cloth on it so she could hide the doll from ponies vision so the Voodoo doll thing wouldn't leave her, Twilight and Zecora's knowledge. So when she saw Rainbow she immediately used the doll to hold Dash still making her yelp in surpris
:icondrderpinstines:DrDerpinstines 5 2
OC Questionnaire
I was tagged from something I started from :iconASmagni:
1. Pick one of your OCs.
2. Fill in the question/statements as if you were your OCs.
3. Tag some people to do this meme! 
4. Tell people that they been tagged with a link from your journal
I will pick two of my OC's since I was tagged twice so I will pick Freeze Gears and his older sister Brush Burn
1. What is your name?
Freeze: Well, I'm Freeze Gears
Brush: And I'm Brush Burn
2. Do you know why you were named that?
Freeze: Nope, never got close to my parents.
Brush: Well my aunt used to be a great chef so I was named after her
3. Are you single or taken?
Freeze: Nope, but *whispers* but if your a cute and smart mare maybe
Brush: What was that Freezie?
Freeze: Nothing! And Brush is single
4. Have any abilities or powers?
Freeze: Ice and Technology magic
Brush: Cooking and basic Fire magic
5. Stop being a Mary Sue.
Freeze: I'm not a perfect 100% stallion
Brush: What he said except the stallion part I'm a mare
:icondrderpinstines:DrDerpinstines 0 5
OC Meme Thing!
1. Pick one of your OCs.
2. Fill in the question/statements as if you were your OCs.
3. Tag some people to do this meme! 
4. Tell people that they been tagged with a link from your journal
OC I'm picking: Vanilla Twist
1. What is your name?
Vanilla Twist
2. Do you know why you were named that?
Nope, I was born a half breed between a pony and Changeling except my father told me it was because my mane looked like ice cream sort of and my coat was a vanilla color
3. Are you single or taken?
Single, don't know if I want to change that but I have a lot of great friends!
4. Have any abilities or powers?
Yeah, I can change into ponies the whole half breed thing
5. Stop being a Mary Sue.
I'm not! *pouts*
6. What's your eye colour?
Well one eyes blue and the others green, so yeah
7. How about hair colour?
Well it's a mint color with a light brown swirl going through it
8. Have any family members?
I have both my parents, and my best friend Freeze and our 'daughter' Light Wi
:icondrderpinstines:DrDerpinstines 0 0
OC's Sound Board and Brush Burn
Name- Sound Board
Race- Unicorn
Colors and Clothing- She is a pegasus who likes to wear skrits and normal t-shirts her mane and tail are black and her coat color is blue
Personality- She has a personallity like Rarity and a small bit of shyness in there as well. She has her cutie mark which is a turn table with a few music notes around it she can tune her voice and make others do what she wants by using a spell she learned. But she doesn't like to use her magic in large crowds. She is also Freeze's niece from Manehattan, she has only her mother as a parent who moved with her to Ponyville and lives with Freeze, Vanilla and Light
Brush Burn - Freeze's older sister who is Sound Board's mother
She is a unicorn and her special talent is with cooking foods of all sorts, her cutie mark is a frying pan and a sauce pan with a ladle. Her magic allows her to also use fire magic to cook or use for combat as well. She is really talkitive and loves to help Sound learn more spells and how to stay saf
:icondrderpinstines:DrDerpinstines 0 0
Rainbow's Magical Revenge
One afternoon Rainbow Dash was walking out of her friend Rarity's boutique with her saddle bags full of repaired pairs of once ripped panties from what happened over a few days thanks to Applejack, wedgying her over and over again for a week straight, with the blue pegasus trying to get Applejack back for the week but every time she failed somehow it's like the earth pony expected every angle of attack she tried but as she began to fly by Twilight's castle but stopped for a brief moment "Would magic be a good way to get her back?" She thought landing by the door "Ahn screw it." She groaned before knocking on the door as she waited for Twilight answer but instead of Twilight being there to open the door it was Spike
Stifling a small laugh Spike spoke up "Are you here to see Twilight?" He asked stating the obvious "No, Spike I'm here to see Pinkie Pie." She said sarcastically rolling her eyes all the same before following "Of course I'm here to see Twilight." She said normally now as Spi
:icondrderpinstines:DrDerpinstines 15 0
Musical Wedgies
One afternoon in the shared apartment of Vinyl Scratch and Octavia, we find Vinyl passed out on the couch wearing only a white t-shirt and a pair of dark blue granny panties with her cutie mark on the back. She was there since she got home last night after coming home after Dj-ing for a club then proceeding to get drunk and then going home and passing out on the floor with her pants to the side and her granny panties stretched over her head after losing in a drinking contest with Lyra
Octavia was nice enough to at least put Vinyl on the couch and fix her wedgie not pry her panties from her flanks but get them off her head so Vinyl didn't have to wake up, blind or smelling the foulness of her panties. Anyways back to the story
As Octavia walked in wearing her normal less formal attire a white dress shirt accompanied by her pink bowtie and a pair of black dress pants with her cello in its case and by her side as she set it on its rightful stand. She then looked to Vinyl "Still not awake.
:icondrderpinstines:DrDerpinstines 17 0
Light's Cutie Mark
One afternoon Light was with Rarity in her boutique practicing her magic with Freeze sitting aside watching "You can take a break for a few minutes Light." Rarity said starting to clean a few pieces of fabric and clothing off the ground "Alright Rarity." Light said going over to her 'father' "You're doing great Light, I for one never expected you to have such a magical aptitude for manipulating clothing and fabric." Freeze said patting Light on her back "I thought I'd be good with magic in general, when you asked Twilight to tutor me with my magic at first." Light said smiling with her acquired skills
Sweetie Belle walked in a few minutes later "Hello Sweetie Belle." Rarity said as Sweetie set her bag down from her day with her fellow crusaders "Hi, guys." Sweetie said seeing every pony in the room "Hi Sweetie Belle!" Light said waving "Hey, Rarity can we use Sweetie to test a few of my spells?" Light asked looking at Sweetie "Well if it's okay with her you can." Rarity said as Sweetie
:icondrderpinstines:DrDerpinstines 2 0
The Maze Trotters Ch. 7
Chapter 7 A Way Out
Once I awoke in my bed that was set up only four days ago. I was met with three faces Petal, Flare and Vanilla "Diamond is it alright if I clean and stitch your head up?" Petal asked me holding a medical box "Sure Petal go ahead." I said still half asleep as she took a needle and thread out along with a bottle of peroxide to clean my gash. I sank back when I saw the needle "Diamond this would have been easier if you had stayed back yesterday." Petal said "Now hold still or this will be worse for yourself." Vanilla said putting a hoof on my stomach. When Petal threaded the needle she put it on a table before putting some of the peroxide on a cloth then pressing it to my wound. I screamed in pain from the sharp stinging sensation on my forehead from the peroxide
"This would have taken five minutes to clear up if you'd stayed at the infirmary but you did what was right for everypony." Petal said taking the cloth off my forehead and grabbing the needle and I shook at th
:icondrderpinstines:DrDerpinstines 1 0
The Maze Trotters Ch. 6
Chapter 6 - The Doors Aren't Closing
I awoke the next day in the infirmary next to Shockwave who was currently passed out still "Petal? Are you in here?" I asked earning no response. But Pinkie noticed me because shelves sitting next to Shockwave holding his hoof "Hi Diamond you got knock out cold last night." Pinkie said and I could notice the sorrow in her voice "Are you two dating?" I asked because of how she was sitting by him
"Well in here we kinda are I mean it's nothing serious but once we get out of here we will defiantly improve our relationship." Pinkie said sounding happier "That's nice and great for you both" I said and then Pinkie just went back to how she was before "At first when I teased you about your journal I thought you'd just be another Greenie who just lived, survived here not run into the Maze before dark just to save two ponies." Pinkie said obviously not finished "Well I just tried to help in anyway I could and I put myself in danger to protect others who would
:icondrderpinstines:DrDerpinstines 2 4


Nabi Has Bad Luck With Dares by oddwonz Nabi Has Bad Luck With Dares :iconoddwonz:oddwonz 28 2 Pepper Being Helpful Repost (Again) by oddwonz
Mature content
Pepper Being Helpful Repost (Again) :iconoddwonz:oddwonz 17 1
Commission: Photo Finish by DANMAKUMAN Commission: Photo Finish :icondanmakuman:DANMAKUMAN 273 20
Commission- Octavia's Concert Nightmare
It was a cold winter day in Ponyville, and a day where most ponies would stay inside in the warmth of their homes. But one pony in particular was scrambling around her home, making sure she had everything packed for the trip to Canterlot. That pony was none other than Octavia, and she had a very special concert to give in Canterlot. Meanwhile, Octavia's roommate and marefriend Vinyl Scratch, heard movement throughout the house, and hopped out of bed to find what was going on.
"Tavi, what's with the urgency?" She asked as she stood in the doorway and watched Octavia scramble about. "I'm running late Vinyl, my train leaves in a few minutes and I have to hurry!" she replied, grabbing a suitcase and tossing clothing into it. After a while of watching her scramble around, Octavia grabbed her things and started to make her way to the door. However, Vinyl stopped her and giggled. "Aren't you forgetting something?" she asked, looking down at Octavia's legs. Octavia followed and looked down, bl
:icongrandslayer:grandslayer 7 6
Request - Let the music flow by Skecchiart Request - Let the music flow :iconskecchiart:Skecchiart 534 36 Commission - Dash and Twi by Skecchiart
Mature content
Commission - Dash and Twi :iconskecchiart:Skecchiart 624 34
MLP FIM - Sexy Anthro Princess Twilight Sparkle by Joakaha MLP FIM - Sexy Anthro Princess Twilight Sparkle :iconjoakaha:Joakaha 139 34 Desert Trek by ANewENFArtist
Mature content
Desert Trek :iconanewenfartist:ANewENFArtist 99 8
Chibi Batch 5 - [COM] For Mochimio by SG27889 Chibi Batch 5 - [COM] For Mochimio :iconsg27889:SG27889 22 2 [Commission] Poofy Fluffy by CutePencilCase [Commission] Poofy Fluffy :iconcutepencilcase:CutePencilCase 65 5 seseta Commission12-17 by CriminalKiwi seseta Commission12-17 :iconcriminalkiwi:CriminalKiwi 193 8 Winter Wedgieland (by the-Killer-WC) by bobobobobo18
Mature content
Winter Wedgieland (by the-Killer-WC) :iconbobobobobo18:bobobobobo18 308 28
Pyramid Wedgie (Reupload)
Inside of a bush hiding was a terrified doe by the name Catherine. She was a rookie cheerleader who had recently joined the team and was really excited when she found out she made the team. Her hopes and dreams of becoming a professional cheerleader were finally happening! Only for her to find out that it wasn't what she had expected. 
Earlier today Catherine was in the girl's locker room changing into her cheerleader outfit when out of no where she heard a terrifying scream and the sound of fabric being ripped. At first, she thought someone probably ripped their pants or something but when she went to go investigate she was left speechless. On the ground was her best friend Susan, a young husky girl who had also just made the team as well. She was on all fours with her white frilly panties being yanked out from her skirt and pulled towards her head. Catherine recognized the girl who was giving her best friend the wedgie. It was none other than Agitha, the leader of the cheerleade
:iconstoragewedgie:Storagewedgie 13 0
The king and prince of wedgies by CharlieTheSillyDeer The king and prince of wedgies :iconcharliethesillydeer:CharlieTheSillyDeer 72 60 Willowverse: Meeting Imago Part 3 by AskBubbleLee Willowverse: Meeting Imago Part 3 :iconaskbubblelee:AskBubbleLee 172 13 Meow Games by luminaura Meow Games :iconluminaura:luminaura 349 25



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I hit 10k+ pageviews! Never thought that would happen, I guess I should come off my hiatus and write something special. I don't know I might just wait until 15k or 20k. But I'll probably feel guilty for leaving you guys story-less for like 6-8 months. So expect something soon!... -ish?


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